A clean hallway ceiling

Why Ceiling Cleaning?

Every year millions of dollars are wasted because ceiling tiles are replaced unecessarily, or are ruined by painting, when all that is needed is a good ceiling cleaning.

Ceilings provide:

  • Light reflection
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Flame retardant
  • Noise reduction
  • Insulation

All of the items listed above can be affected by how a ceiling is maintained. A poorly maintained ceiling may become a health hazard.

Demonstration of cleaning a hospital's kitchen ceiing.

Whether they say so or not, your customers form an opinion of your establisment based partly on its cleanliness. Have you ever seen dirty ceilings in a restaurant? Did you ever feel the same way about that restaurant again?

If given a choice, most people would choose the cleanest place to eat, work or receive healthcare. Some people may prefer older establishments, and some may prefer newer establishments, but we all prefer clean establishments.

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