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Ceiling Cleaning

When businesses clean their establishment they often forget to take care of the ceiling cleaning. This is vital for any business and should be done at least once a year.

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You should go through the entire establishment - room to room. Each room might have a different kind of paint/resurfacer on the ceiling. The paint could be anywhere from flat to gloss. There are different types of resurfacers. You will have to take this into account when planning your cleaning.

When it comes to ceiling cleaning the most challenging area to care for is the restaurant or hospital kitchen. Above the stove(s) you will find grease spots and spatters on the ceiling.

Basic points to keep in mind when cleaning the ceilings of your place of business:

  • First remove the spider webs and dust the ceiling surface.
  • Vacuum areas like corners, and around vents and light fixtures. Remove the air vents if you want to get into the ducts. Replace the vents before actually washing the ceilings.
  • Use a wet sweeper for painted ceilings that are dirty or oily, especially in the kitchen. For washable wallpapered ceilings use a sponge mop dipped in a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water. Don't wet the sponge mop too much; you don't want water dripping down your arm and along the wall. Start with the edges and work your way to the middle of the ceiling.
  • Go over the area you are working on twice.
  • Before you move to another area, dry off the area you have just cleaned.
  • For restaurant and hospital kitchens (or any extra dirty ceilings) you will need to use a heavy duty cleaner.
  • After you are done with the entire ceiling look see if there are any parts where you still might see grease or nicotine stains. If so, use a heavy duty cleaner.
  • For "popcorn" ceilings refrain from any wet or wipe-down cleaning, which would mess up the texture effect.
  • Some ceiling stains may be so bad that it may be a good idea to replace a few tiles.

Your ceiling is as an important investment as anything else in your establishment. A dirty ceiling may influence how a customer views your business. Many business owners feel that it is a good idea to keep their ceilings clean because negative opinions can be formed by customers which may actually influence business. Even a clean ceiling, if still stained, may cause your establishment to appear to be like the local "greasy spoon" restaurant.

If you are uncertain or inexperienced with ceiling cleaning it is probably a good idea to call in professional ceiling cleaners. If you live in the tri-state area (NJ, PA and DE)

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