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High Dusting

High dusting is the process of accessing difficult to reach spots, usually in an unfinished or open ceiling, and removing built-up dust, dirt and/or grime. The reason it is called "high" dusting is because the ceiling, rafters, ductwork etc. that is being cleaned is quite often over 16' high and is not that easy get to safely.

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The over accumulation of dust, especially in high hard-to-reach places, is an often-overlooked health hazard. Recently indoor air quality has been getting the attention of facility managers, regulatory agencies, the media and the general public. See our article on Indoor Air Quality.

This type of cleaning is emerging as a unique specialty. People that specialize in high dusting use ladders, scaffolds, and even electric lifts in order to get to the hard-to-reach places. Although there are no "official" standards for this type of cleaning, there are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a company to do this work.

Tips for hiring a company to do high dusting:

  • A company that does a lot of ceiling cleaning is probably your best bet to get the job done right.
  • Do yourself a favor and don't hire someone that is just going to blow the loose dust off with a blower. Get someone who will remove the dust from your ceiling area with a vacuum cleaner. Better yet, get someone who will use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is the best way to help keep fine particles of dust from getting into other areas of the building or relocating into hard-to-reach areas.
  • After proper vacuuming is done you'll probably need some additional cleaning. Sometimes wet towels are all that is needed. You may want the company you hire to get up there with buckets of soap and water.
  • Ask if the company will do the job at night.

High dusting, or any type of ceiling cleaning for that matter, is emerging as a whole new mainstream cleaning specialty with its own unique set of skills, education, and equipment. If you have your own people do this type of work make sure they are careful to keep from getting wiring or other electrical equipment wet. If you need help with this kind of work and you live in the greater Philadelphia area, feel free to

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