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Acoustical Ceiling Tiles - Paint, Clean or Replace?

What should you do with dirty, greasy or stained acoustical ceiling tiles? Should you paint, clean or replace them? What is the best long-term solution for a dirty, greasy or stained ceiling?

Paint Acoustical Ceiling Tiles?

We've seen many so-called experts make the mistake of telling property/building managers to paint their tiles. No! They should not be painted because painting will ruin the special qualities of the ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles are made to retard flame, reduce noise, and reflect light. If you paint the tiles you not only ruin those qualities but quite often the paint will cause the tiles to stick to the grids. Then, when the tiles need to be removed to gain access to the ceiling, the tiles will break.

If the color of the ceiling needs to be modified, a slight tint can be added to the regular white-colored coating that is applied during restoration. Call your local ceiling cleaning company for more details. If you live in the greater Philadelphia area you may contact us. Don't paint acoustical ceiling tiles.

Clean or Replace Tiles?

You may want to clean/restore your ceiling tiles. Cleaning ceiling tiles costs about 1/2 the price and takes about 1/3 the time. There is much less solid waste disposal when cleaning a ceiling as opposed to replacing a ceiling. Water or smoke stained acoustical ceiling tiles can often be cleaned and restored to a like-new condition in one application of a heavy-duty ceiling cleaning solution. It is possible that a restored ceiling can last as long as or longer than a brand new ceiling.

There are times when a ceiling should be replaced. When many tiles are cracked or broke it is a good idea to just replace them all. When in doubt call your local ceiling specialist. Find one that will offer a free estimate. You may find out any information you need at the time of the estimate.

What do you do about dirty, greasy or stained ceiling tiles?

  • Don't paint.
  • Do clean/restore if the majority of the tiles are in good shape and are not too stained.
  • If many tiles are cracked or broken replace them.
  • If unsure of what to do call your local ceiling restoration/replacement company. If you are in the tri-state area (NJ, PA, DE) feel free to

    contact us.

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