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About Commercial Ceiling Tiles - A Short Guide

Commercial ceiling tiles become discolored and end up leaving customers and employees with a poor impression of your business. Discolorations from UV rays, water leaks, smoke, grease and nicotine can be removed quickly and cost-effectively. Ceilings absorb carbon monoxide, oil, grease, smoke, nicotine, and carbon and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. These factors, and others, create Sick Building Syndrome.

So what if it is not cost effective to clean your ceilings? If you do decide that you need to replace your ceilings here are some things to keep in mind.

Problems with ceiling tiles:

  • They get water stains or spots on them.
  • They get damaged from age or mishandling.
  • They get infested with mold.
  • They sag or warp.
  • Some rot.
  • Some can be hard to clean.
  • Some can cause acoustical problems.

Commercial Ceiling Tiles:

  • Have the same quality as regular "home" ceiling tiles
  • Are called commercial tiles because they are larger and are cut for a large building rather than a house
  • Are found anywhere home ceiling tiles can be purchased

Buy commercial tiles that are:

  • 100% waterproof and moisture resistant
  • Mold, bacteria and mildew resistant
  • Resistant to impact damage
  • Sag or warp proof
  • Rot proof
  • Washable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and will last for decades
  • Resistant to flaking or peeling
  • Flame retarding
  • Sound dampening
  • Hygienic and won't contribute to Sick Building Syndrome
  • Colored all the way through
  • Plain white. Don't try to get too fancy unless it is required for the "atmosphere" of your establishment.
  • From your local area and wholesale if possible. The savings will be high.

Ceilings become discolored and end up leaving customers and employees with a poor impression of your business. Ceiling cleaning is usually the most cost effective way to go. But if you decide that you want to completely replace your ceiling tiles keep the above points in mind.

If you need help with deciding whether or not you should clean or replace your ceiling feel free to

contact us or read this article about whether to paint, clean or replace commercial ceiling tiles.

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