A clean hallway ceiling

Ceiling Maintenance

Proper ceiling maintenance improves Indoor Air Quality. Even under the very best conditions ceilings should be cleaned and sanitized at least once every five years, even if they still look decent. Ceilings, especially porous acoustical ceiling tiles, act as sponges absorbing grease, germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, dust, smoke, nicotine, allergens, microorganisms and other air pollutants causing a reduction in Indoor Air Quality and discoloration of the ceiling surface. Professional ceiling cleaning and sanitizing removes all these hazards and leaves the ceiling bright and clean.

Water Stains

Repairing water damage also comes under the heading of ceilng maintenance. Water stains do not always come out by cleaning. You should use a stain sealer to hide the water stains that are still noticeable after the cleaning process is complete.

Grid Capping

If your grid system (the parts that hold up your tiles) is rusted or the paint is peeling it can be re-painted or covered with grid capping. Grid capping is made of a durable vinyl, is white, easy to clean, never rust or peels and is easily installed.

Don't Paint Accoustical Ceiling Tiles

Many have made the mistake of painting their acoustical ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles should not be painted because painting will:

  • Lower the flame retarding ability of the tiles
  • Ruin their noise reduction ability
  • Cause the ceiling to look painted
  • The tiles will stick to the grid and will break when a workman removes the them to gain access to the ceiling.

Resurfacing Acoustical Tiles

Instead of painting you can resurface your acoustical tiles. A resurfacer restores your tiles to their original appearance. You can even change the color if you want. It is a non-toxic and faster drying alternative to paint. It is sprayed onto your ceiling in much the same way that paint is applied. A good resurfacing product will improve the noise reduction ability, has a class A fire rating and improves your ceiling tiles light reflection ability. The tiles will not stick to the grids. The grids and vents also get coated so the ceiling looks like it's new. If you have warped or broken tiles these will need to be replaced.

All establishments have different needs. If you need help with your ceiling maintenance you can Contact Us. Do your best to find a professional ceiling cleaner that will tailor their services to fit your needs. Ask to have the work done outside of regular business hours so that there are no interruptions or inconveniences for you or your customers. Quite often ceiling maintenance can be done with little or no dismantling.

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